Article List: December, 2013

It’s Student Year Level Rollover Time!

The end or beginning of the year signals it’s time to do a rollover! This is a mostly automated process in Pathways Cloud whereby student year levels are increased for active students and Year 12′s are archived. Backups are automatic so no need to worry about that any more. If you haven’t yet run the rollover be sure to click the Read More button below to view the knowledgebase article walking you through the 3 simple steps

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New Help Centre!

Exciting times in our office at the moment with the launch of our new help centre and knowledge base! Through March and April we will be migrating our traditional PDF-based helpdesk and technical support articles into web versions to make it really easy to get the latest fact sheets, “How To” guides and update notes. To access our new help centre simple click the “Support” link at the top of this web site, or visit    

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