2013 QLD Work Experience Agreement

Pathways Classic and Pathways Cloud have recently been updated to include the new 2012/2013 Queensland Work Experience Agreement – often called the Form C. The most obvious change to this latest agreement is the department name change to DETE in the header.

You have automatic access to the latest updates to Pathways as part of your subscription – the version 9.9 update to Pathways includes this new QLD Agreement in the Briefcase. Unlike previous agreements the latest version has been added as a briefcase document and appears automatically in the Placement Details and Reports screens. We have left the old agreement there for the time being in case people need to generate historical documents.

The advantage of making the QLD Work Experience Agreement a Briefcase document is that it retains the ability to edit/fix/adjust as it’s just a normal word document. In the past the agreement was baked in. Flexibility is king 🙂

Download the latest update here

NOTE: To install this updater you will need your subscription password handy. If you don’t have this please email us at care@activ8.com.au and we can look it up for you.

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