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Teacher Login is Live

One of the biggest requests in recent years has been to somehow provide select school teachers with read-only access to their own placements and classes, to promote more self-service of information requests and also give teachers huge vision into what’s happening with their own placements in real time. Less reports to run! Where do I find a teacher’s login username and password? Visit the school record in Pathways Cloud (from the top menu) then click on the teachers name on the right of the screen. You will see a username and password in BLUE ready for use. Where is the Teacher Login Screen? From read more…

Track Career Transition & Student Programs

Almost all of our education customers have programs they run that are not stricly students in the workplace, OR might be sub-programs that are very handy to track separately. Examples include mentoring programs, Workplace visits, Career and Transition Support services and the like. A new tab has been added to the Student Details screen that allows you to record one or more programs against a student’s profile and track participation. The student custom lists function also now includes the program as a filter you can add if you making a BYO custom list also.

It’s Student Year Level Rollover Time!

The end or beginning of the year signals it’s time to do a rollover! This is a mostly automated process in Pathways Cloud whereby student year levels are increased for active students and Year 12′s are archived. Backups are automatic so no need to worry about that any more. If you haven’t yet run the rollover be sure to click the Read More button below to view the knowledgebase article walking you through the 3 simple steps

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